Massage therapy in Chester

I care about each individual client and am passionate about what I do.

I will assess each client and tailor a program to their own individual needs. I take time with each client to understand their problems, their pain and look at the whole picture not just the symptoms. People want to be heard. I started this business because I wanted to spread the word about health and wellbeing. Massage is an amazing tool and not only can it help with the physical pain we feel but the emotional pain that can be associated with the symptoms as well, which is where my tagline, treating the whole body not just the symptoms, comes from!

What do I do?

  • I help my clients reduce and manage their stress levels
  • I help my clients move away from and eliminate pain
  • I help my clients to improve their posture
  • I help my clients to FEEL!

How do I do this?

  • By understanding my clients needs
  • Through many years of experience and training
  • By using massage techniques including soft tissue release, friction, deep pressure, stretching, acupressure, heat and teaching
  • Giving my clients my undivided attention
  • By caring
  • By advising clients of self care exercises.


My Goal is to Help you Return to a Pain Free, Active Lifestyle!

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Trigger Points in Trapezius Muscle

The Trapezius muscle is a diamond shaped muscle that seats like a cape over the shoulders.It is made up of three sections, upper, middle and lower and attaches to the base of the skull, to the collarbone (clavicle), shoulder blade (scapula) and C6 to T12 vertebrae. Each section has its own attachments, actions and common […]



“I suffer from servere neck & shoulder tension and have found since having regular massages with Heulwen, my condition has improved immensely!”

Kay McGuiness, Manly Vale

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